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Ceusa is one of the brands belonging to Duratex Group. Its factories are located in the cities of Urussanga and Criciúma, in southern Santa Catarina. The company was founded on June 30, 1953 and currently produces 424,000 m² of ceramic tiles a month.

Ceusa also has one unit operating with Industry 4.0 technology, where the process control is fully automated, and all internal operation is robotized.

Just like all Duratex brands’ products, innovation and cutting-edge technology are also present in Ceusa’s portfolio, making the brand a pioneer in many initiatives regarding ceramic tile production. We operate throughout the national territory, in addition to countries in Latin America, North America, Africa, and Australia, always offering solutions for better living.

  • 424
  • 2100
  • 164
    m² of constructed area
Meet our differentials

Differential Jointless tiles

Due to its precise production, the installation of Ceusa tiles can be done without joints between pieces.

Thus, the installed pieces create one visual unit, resembling a single panel effect.

Jointless installation gives tiles a beautiful finish and makes for easier cleaning.

Differential Monotone

Due to its Full HD print quality, Ceusa tiles are made in the same shade, regardless of the manufacturing date.

This way, our stocks are optimized, as well as product replacement, with full shade guarantee. Monotone technique is exclusive to the Ceusa brand.

Differential Mono-caliber

Ceusa rectified products are all mono-caliber, with no size variation between batches of the same tile.

This differential is possible thanks to Ceusa's manufacturing process, which produces with fractionated measurements in millimeters in the grinding process.

Ensuring cutting precision and constant size stability through the calibration system.

Differential Metalized

When using digital printing instead of silk screen printing it is possible to produce tiles with metallic finish.

These tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors, on floors and walls, which was not possible with silk screen printing.

Differential Magenta

Ceusa has added magenta ink to its digital printing process.

This gold base ink allows for decoration with a broader chromatic range, giving the products more intense and natural shades.

This is another Ceusa differential in the national market.

Differential Flossy texture

Ceusa rustic and satin finish products undergo an exclusive matte polishing process that provides a silkier and smoother surface, increasing their resistance and making them easier to clean.

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